A-List of Well-Known Brunch Spots in the City of Calgary

Calgary is a popular place starting from a beautiful view of the Rockies and the wonderful attractions that cover the western culture. So, the city of Calgary is not at all boring. Further, it is popular for its cuisine starting from French crepes to Dutch pancakes.

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To travel to your most favorite destination avail Frontier Airlines Flight Ticket. Following is the list of brunch places in the city of Calgary.

Suzette Brittany Bistro

To enjoy French cuisine one can visit Suzette Brittany Bistro. The food involves local and seasonal ingredients and it is made by a celebrity chef from the north of France and south of France. There is an authentic taste in the food and cozy atmosphere that gives you the feeling of staying in France.

Blue Star Diner

It is a locally-owned restaurant that gives Calgary a taste of high quality, as it is made with organic ingredients. When you visit Blue Diner, you can get the taste of gluten-free and vegetarian items that are present on the menu. The décor is sophisticated with attentive staff.

Belmont Diner

In Calgary, Belmont is the most popular diner for brunch and breakfast. The unique thing that separates it from other diner is the provision of pancakes in any shape as requested. It has turned the pan making into art by providing the guest shape of unicorns, mickey mouse, etc.

 River Café

River Café is popular for using the best ingredients from carefully selected producers. The setup of the river café is rejuvenating where you can enjoy brunch with friends and family.

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