Experience the Untouched Beauty of Peru with Frontier Airlines

Peru is one of the most visited nations in South America. A plan visit to this amazing place can make your holiday time enjoyable! Home to old vestiges, great design, and top unbelievable attractions- all make it a must visit destination. So if you think that Peru should be your next holiday destination, then book your Frontier Airlines Tickets now!

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Top places that one must not miss here are the following:

Paracas Peninsula

Paracas Peninsula is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is definitely justified even despite a visit mainly because of its red-sand seashores. The Paracas Peninsula is otherwise called ‘where the desert meets the ocean’. This desert promontory is a piece of the Paracas National Reserve so must visit this unique place in Peru!


Cusco is a place where one must take a stopif visiting Machu Picchu. The place is around the transcending mountains and blooming valleys, and it offers the absolute best sights in Peru.This charming city has many things to offer including a huge amount of archaeological remains and Spanish provincial architecture. Visit Plaza de Armas, which is home to antiquated wooden galleries and Koricancha- an old Incan sun sanctuary.

Vinicunca Mountain

Vinicuna Mountain is a multi-hued mountain with beautiful sprinkles of lavender, turquoise, and maroon. With such colourful variety of flowers, it is also called the Rainbow Mountain. A trek to the highest point of Vinicuna Mountain takes two or three hours. You can trek riding a horse, or climb through on foot.

Titicaca Lake

Titicaca Lake is situated on the outskirt of Peru and is South America’s biggest lake- about 3,812 meters above ocean level! You can appreciate 3 islands situated on the lake: Taquile Island, Amantani Island, or the Urus Islands. Visit the close by Sullustani demolishes, or partake in a customary church function at Iglesia de Santiago Apostol. These islands are home to local individuals, so you’ll locate many mid-run lodgings, inns and home stays.

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