Explore Top Hotels in the City of Beijing with Frontier Airlines

The city of Beijing is known for its history and grandeur in the form of the Forbidden City and Great Wall of China, but Beijing is also known for its opulent hotels. Starting from lavish apartments to beautiful boutique rooms, Beijing has everything to offer. The blog is about top places to stay in the city of Beijing.

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All over there are many airlines, but the one that fits you the best is Frontier Airlines Flights Reservations. Following is the list of top hotels in the city of Beijing.

 The Bulgari Hotel

Bulgari which is popular as a jewelry house in Rome is also known for luxury hotels. This hotel in Beijing is no exception. It is the largest hotel in the Chinese capital that is located near the Liangma river, which is an upscale embassy district. Bulgari Hotel in Beijing is known for the gym, swimming pool, spa and so on.

 Hotel Eclat Beijing

It is a small five-star boutique hotel and it is a member of small luxury hotels. It houses around 102 guest rooms. This hotel is ideal for business travelers and for couples who are holidaying. It has the provision of the business center, gym, dining options and so on.

 Intercontinental Beijing Sanlitun

This hotel stands for quality and one can enjoy the accommodation along the Liangma river in Sanlitun. The hotel is sleek in nature and has a provision of 309 rooms, pool, gym and so on. Further, the highlight of the place is five bars.

Rosewood Beijing

At every place, Rosewood operates hotels and resorts. In terms of architecture, it is a masterpiece as it is a mix of both modern design and traditional Chinese patterns. Further, it is known for the garden and pool.

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