It’s the Perfect Time to Visit Eureka California

Visit the wonderful port city of the United States of America: Eureka. The city is situated in California’s Northern region. The famous Old Town district here is one of the primary attractions of the beautiful city having some great Victorian houses including the famous Carson Mansion. The city has the wonderful Sequoia Park Zoo, which houses some pandas and other rare animals. The vegetation includes some wonderful redwood trees. Plan a memorable trip to Eureka and explore the city with your loved ones. Hurry and visit the Frontier Airlines Official Site now to book your Frontier Airlines tickets!

Sequoia Park Zoo

The park zoo was established back in the early 20th century. The area is ideal to visit during any time of the year. Sequoia Park Zoo has some great flora and fauna of the entire country. The wildlife has been wonderfully preserved here and one can experience its richness by simply strolling around the area. It is home to around 2000 species of wildlife creatures. Individuals belonging to different age groups can spend some peaceful hours around the park.

Thrilling History of Old Town

Take the Old Town Haunted History Tour and get to know about the thrilling and astounding places of Eureka. The haunted segment of Old Town in Eureka attracts a large number of tourists from around the world. The guide will educate you about the paranormal activities, which have taken place throughout the years and experiences of the local people. The scientific and exploration team is working to reveal more about the thrilling and ghostly nature of the Old town.

Cultural and Historical Attractions

The Old Town region of the city is filled with historical spots as well as some places, which tells us about the classical culture of the USA. The town is in the list of Historical Landmarks of California. The region has some brilliant Victorian structures. Visit the iconic Carson Mansion, built back in 1884 which is a wonderful depiction of Queen Anne Style design.

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