The Best San Juan Itinerary for Budget Travelers with Frontier Airlines Reservations

Are you traveling to San Juan on a budget? To help you enjoy your trip without breaking the bank, here are some tips and tricks to make the most of your budget-savvy trip. To start with, book a cheap flight at Frontier Airlines Reservations Flights and find the cheapest flight fares and deals to your ideal city.

Check on Frontier Airlines Deals for the best travel and flight deals on plane tickets, last-minute flights, vacation packages, and more. And, below are how to see San Juan on a budget:

Explore Old San Juan:

Nearly every budget-travelers love Old San Juan because it is easy to operate and walk, with countless unique and colorful architectural buildings. Besides, some trolleys ride visitors around the town for free, and there are several free sites worth exploring. Don’t miss Plaza de Armas, Catedral de San Juan Bautista, San Juan Gate, and Colón Plaza along the way.

Spend time at the local beaches:

There are a handful of local beaches in the city, and they are open to the public for free! So, if you are longing for a more laid-back activity, head to one of the beaches, Condado or Isla Verde. Spend an afternoon or an evening lazing around the sandy shores, soaking in the sun, or dipping into the cool waters.

Visit El Yunque National Forest:

El Yunque National Forest is the nation’s only tropical rain forest and a go-to destination for adventure travelers. The forest is known for its rare trees and unique species of birds, besides its tropical plants. Also, it is well-known for the exotic trails it offers hikers and several swimming sites within the dense jungle.

Watch out for affordable eateries:

 San Juan is also known for its cheap and affordable eateries spreading far and wide within the city, to the great delight of budget-travelers.  The city has nearly every form of eatery, from tiny food carts to family-owned restaurants, you have endless choices!

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