The Four Best Outdoor Adventure Destinations in Mississippi with Frontier Airlines

Mississippi is arguably the best destination for outdoor adventure seekers, and whether you are a newbie or an experienced adventure traveler, it matters less! This scenic state of the United States is nothing but a wonderland for outdoor enthusiasts- with tons of diverse terrains, abundant wildlife, active outdoor activities, and untouched natural beauty. And if you are looking for new adventures on your next trip, book a budget-friendly flight today at Frontier Airlines Reservations for a fun-filled adventurous journey.

Also, take full advantage of Frontier Airlines Deals to uncover the lowest flights, last-minute bookings, exclusive offers, seasonal discounts, and more. Check out the list below for the best outdoor destinations in Mississippi:

The Petrified Forest, Flora

Beauty and fascination is what the Mississippi Petrified Forest possesses- sprinkling calming magical aura over whoever steps in. This fascinating natural wonder is a pure delight, with plenty of walking trails featuring informative indicators, and an excellent way to take in the well-preserved natural beauty that has been around for millions of years.

The Crosby Arboretum, Picayune

The Crosby Arboretum is dedicated to educating people about the environment by preserving, protecting, and displaying varieties of plant natives. This massive 104-acre conservatory features a Savanna exposition, Woodland exposition, and an Aquatic exposition- and is one of Mississippi’s prized possessions.

Chautauqua Park, Crystal Springs

Chautauqua Park is an extensive 74-acre historic park and is home to rolling highlands, gushing springs, charming brooks, and a vast lake. This nature paradise accommodates plenty of plodding birds and wildlife, including waterfowl, hawks, owls, deer, turkey, and foxes- making it an idyllic place to watch wildlife.

St. Catherine Creek National Wildlife Refuge, Adams County

St. Catherine Creek National Wildlife Refuge is a happy place for outdoor buffs and nature lovers, and there is no reason it wouldn’t be! This enormous 24,000 acres of outdoor refuge is an ideal location for fishing, hunting, hiking, photography, and even bird-watching. This extensive nature reserve is where to head to beat the heat or escape the city’s crowds.

When you consider kicking start your journey with Frontier Airlines Flights, you get to explore more places and discover more hidden locations at rates available nowhere else!

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