The List of Perfect Beaches of Puerto Vallarta with Frontier Airlines

The position of Puerto Vallarta is located between Banderas Bay and the Sierra Madre mountain. When it comes to beach destination Puerto Vallarta is everything starting from vast views, the charm of the colonial era, beautiful sunsets, sumptuous food and a variety of adventure activities as well as water sports. When people visit Puerto Vallarta, they choose from a multitude of beaches with frontier airlines reservations.

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There are plenty of airlines but the trustworthy is Frontier Airlines Flight Booking. The following is the list of perfect beaches in Puerto Vallarta.

 Los Muertos beach

Once you cross the bridge over Rio Cuale, you will reach Los Muertos beach. Further one can grab a water taxi to a beach that is quieter or enjoy the action then and there. The beach is full of bars and restaurants, further, there are beach clubs as well.

Conchas Chinas

Conchas Chinas beach is located in the south of Los Muertos. It is situated within the city but the place is hidden and sheltered, you will get the feel of finding a secret spot. Along the beach there is rock formation further you can find things like crabs, mollusks and so on they linger there.

 Las Gamelas beach

Located in the south of the city center is a pair of small beaches. The beach Las Gamelas is known for gentle waves, beautiful sand and blue water. The beach offers the perfect snorkeling and swimming condition. There are vendors that provide snacks and water to enjoy under the tree.

Mismaloya beach

 The beach was part of a movie that brought Puerto Vallarta to the spotlight during the 1960’s. Mismaloya used to be a fishing village with a beautiful beach and picturesque view. There are many restaurants located there.

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