Top Reasons to Visit Baltimore with Frontier Airlines

Whether you are passing by Baltimore or planning to stay. The city is such that you should visit at least once in your life. The city is known for plenty of things. So, the blog is about topmost things to see in the city of Baltimore.

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To visit your dream destination avail Frontier Airlines Flights Tickets. Following are the list of things to see and do in Baltimore.

 Indulge in crab and crab cakes

Baltimore is popular for sumptuous crab and crab cakes with the seasoning of old bay. If you go to any other place you can hardly find any crab but Maryland is known for crab cakes that are full of spices and deliciousness. During summertime, locals have a feast of crabs and they invite people to their homes.

 Baltimore is popular for chicken box

When in Baltimore you have to order a chicken box. One can visit chicken and trout establishment as well as visit America’s best wings. Here the chicken box consists of chicken wings and fries, the only thing that you have to decide is how many of them you want in the box.

 One can enjoy real half and a half from Baltimore

Baltimore is popular for a drink that is made up of lemonade and half iced tea. You can order the drink at chicken and trout or America’s best wings. The moment you go to the counter you get a yummy drink and it goes very well with the chicken box.

 Booming city area with waterfront homes

Many people left the Baltimore metropolitan area and settled in the suburbs to enjoy life away from the city and make a change. Nowadays people are returning to Baltimore city especially location near the inner harbor.

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